Help address the trauma of families and children in Syria and Turkey

Nurturing joy& belonging

Amna specialises in supporting the psychosocial wellbeing of refugees and other displaced communities.

We help communities manage the insecurity, stress, and trauma that comes from conflict and forced displacement.

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Our story

In six years, Amna has reached over 4 million people through our programmes, advocacy and support to partners across the world across Europe and South Asia.

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Our approach

Amna provides trauma-sensitive and identity-informed psychosocial healing support to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma.

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Our Values


Respect, Connection, Understanding & Curiosity


Our work

Asylum seekers and refugees are more likely to suffer from mental health challenges, even after they arrive at a place of relative safety.


Amna provides refugee communities with safe spaces where they can heal from the effects of conflict, war and displacement by reconnecting with others and becoming part of a community.


By supporting individuals, organisations and refugee communities to run safe spaces for restorative group activities, we help people regain their resilience and rediscover feelings of joy and belonging.

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Our Tweets

Today, millions around the world have begun fasting for the month of #Ramadan. Shared meals can bring people together, build community and create a sense of belonging – just like it did for Rahma.

Follow Rahma’s story on the Sada Project: #TheSadaProject

‘The EU and its member states should…recognize the trauma experienced by all asylum seekers and eliminate reception conditions that cause further psychological harm’ @hrw #refugeeswelcome #mentalhealthmatters

The Amna team wishes all those celebrating a Happy Nowruz! Nowruz is a celebration that transcends borders and is celebrated by over 300 million people. We hope that the start of Spring brings love, light and stability for all. #Nowruz

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Your gift will help to bring a sense
of safety, joy and belonging to
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