Our Work

Supporting individuals, organisations and refugee communities to run safe spaces for restorative group activities, we help people regain their resilience and rediscover feelings of joy and belonging.

What we do

Light touch interventions can make a big difference. Respect and empowerment are paramount. Amna-supported sessions are always founded on an understanding of who people are, where they come from, and what they need.

Our approach

For us building and maintaining communities of care is the appropriate solution to the scale of the refugee crisis. We build connection and community in all aspect of our work – whether it’s the co-creations of our programmes or how we are scaling this work to reach as many refugees in need as possible.


In six years we have:


Reached 7697 children and caregivers through our early childhood programme


Run essential training for 1215 people and 87 organisations


Reached 774 youth through our youth empowerment programme

Changing the narrative

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Amna fights for a world where refugees’ rights and identities are respected, celebrated and supported. We engage with the media and thought leaders to change the narrative on refugees rights and wellbeing and advocate for a kinder, compassionate approach to those fleeing crisis.

Our advocacy
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of safety, joy and belonging to
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