Capacity Building

Resourcing organisations, their employees and their volunteers with skills and tools to deliver high-quality psychosocial support and maintain practices that support personal and organisational wellbeing.


Amna has extensive experience in delivering psychosocial support, particularly in the context of the refugee crisis in Greece. Based on the learning and success of our programmes and our work training different agencies, we have been working with specialists to design consulting and training models that build the capacity of other organisations.


Over the years, we have offered monthly programmes providing support to aid workers and volunteers in and around Thessaloniki with the support of our partners Choose Love


In the summer of 2019, we adapted our Baytna Early Childhood Development programme into Baytna Hubs, a longitudinal capacity-building programme to help local organisation adopt and adapt Amna’s principles and methodology. In the summer of 2020, we launched Dinami Hubs, applying the same principles to help build local actors’ capacity to offer trauma-sensitive, identity-informed youth programming.