Therapeutic Work

Supporting refugees to work through their emotions and relieve distress.

Amna has extensive experience in providing therapeutic support for refugees and asylum seekers who have recently arrived in Europe. Based on the learning and success of our programmes and on continued need, Amna has upscaled its therapeutic services.


Our therapists are experienced and trained in cultural awareness and sensitivity and have relevant language skills to work with groups in the mother tongue of their members. Through our therapeutic groups, our members and therapists bridge the gaps between mental health and human rights.


Therapeutic groups are varied and respond to the needs of those who form the group. Groups may use talking, or creative methods like dance and movement to promote emotional healing, stabilisation and emotional regulation.


Currently our men’s talking group and our women’s creative group are open for referrals. The men’s group requires a proficient level of English and the women’s group incorporates music, movement and art. To refer individuals to the group please contact Amna’s Trainer and Coordinator Devika at


Referral organisations can download explanatory posters for talking and creative groups in English, Dari and Arabic.


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