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Amna was set up by a former Afghan refugee to alleviate the suffering of displaced communities through psychosocial support. Now we’re building the largest network of healing communities around the world.

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Refugees’ stories don’t end when they escape violence and humanitarian crises take huge tolls on people’s mental health. People who have experienced conflict are more likely to be affected by depression, toxic stress and anxiety. Separation from support networks like family and friends can leave people feeling isolated and struggling to process their trauma.


Amna works with non-governmental and community organisations around the world to build lasting healing networks and structures that continue to support communities long after the camera crews have left. We provide funding, training, tools and mentorship in trauma-sensitive psychosocial support so that vital mental health services are available to those healing from the trauma of displacement. Our open calls can be found at the link below.

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Our Funders

We are supported by funders who are committed to breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma.

Our Resources

Our resources are designed to build connection
and facilitate healing and self-care for families
and individuals.


Our Offerings

Amna works with humanitarian and community organisations, frontline workers and advocates to replicate our programmes, deliver high-quality psychosocial support, and maintain personal and organisational wellbeing.


We also provide direct psychosocial support services for refugees and other displaced communities which organisations can refer individuals to.


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A job at Amna is an opportunity to be part of a growing organisation with a vision to set new benchmarks in psychosocial support for refugees. We are a small dynamic team that gets it done. We prioritise applicants with lived experience of conflict and forced displacement and pride ourselves in our diversity.

Joining Amna means becoming part of a community that places your wellbeing at the heart of its mission. We’re committed to fostering a healthy, inclusive and supportive work environment where every team member can thrive. Our holistic approach to wellbeing encompasses mental, emotional, physical, and social health, recognizing the unique needs and journeys of each individual. At Amna, your wellbeing is our priority, ensuring you feel valued, supported, and connected every step of the way.

Learn more on our Wellbeing Strategy here


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Your gift will help to bring a sense
of safety, joy and belonging to
the people who need it most.

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We’re building the largest healing network of communities and organisations to support people who have experienced violence and displacement. Please add your voice to theirs.