Refugee Trauma Initiative is now Amna

6 years ago we set up Refugee Trauma Initiative in a refugee camp to support refugees stranded on the border of Greece and North Macedonia.


Since then, our team has helped more than 10,000 refugees and asylum seekers build the resilience needed to make informed decisions about their next steps. We have trained 1106 frontline workers and built the capacity of nearly 100 organisations. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done and our legacy so far.


The Refugee Trauma Initiative brand identity was conceptualised rapidly in an emergency context and six years later we have finally had the time to reflect on our identity.


After consultation with our partners, funders and the refugee community that we serve, we found that our brand focused too much on the challenge and not enough on the solution. We wanted to create an identity that reflects our values and mission as we expand our work to support displaced communities outside Greece – Starting with our name.


Refugee Trauma Initiative is now Amna.


Amna means safe in Arabic. As Amna, we will continue to build safe psychosocial healing spaces and networks where refugees can heal from the stress and trauma of violence and displacement. The consistent, nurturing care children, families, adults and youth receive through our work will continue and as always, we’ll keep fighting for a world where refugees’ rights and identities are respected, celebrated and supported.


We’re excited to begin a new chapter in our organisation as Amna. We hope you’ll continue to support our journey and the journeys of people looking for safety. For more information, contact

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