Championing Compassion

20 June 23

Kindness is more than a slogan, it’s an act of compassion and self-care.

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Don’t leave communities out in the cold

08 February 23

Despite urgent needs, the humanitarian response has been slow to reach some communities in Turkey and Syria.

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Baytna: Spaces of play and joy

10 November 22

Baytna focuses on empowerment, co-creation and builds on children’s natural desire to learn and explore.

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Afghanistan: One year on

16 August 22

The past year has seemed like a repeating of history for many and indeed trauma is rarely an individual experience. It is experienced collectively and it is passed on through generations.

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Announcing our Ukraine Response Partners

31 May 22

Our partners are working across seven countries, including Ukraine, supporting those fleeing the violence.

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Zarlasht Halaimzai: What it’s like to be a war refugee

05 April 22

“Understanding how violence and conflict affects and changes people is more important than ever.”

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Refugee Trauma Initiative is now Amna

27 March 22

We are pleased to announce that Refugee Trauma Initiative is now Amna Refugee Healing Network.

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Cristina Finch Joins RTI’s Board!

21 December 21

We are delighted to welcome Cristina Finch to the Board of Refugee Trauma Initiative (RTI)

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Afghanistan Crisis

26 August 21

As the crisis continues in Afghanistan, Refugee Trauma Initiative (RTI) express our deep solidarity with Afghans everywhere.

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Greece: Transfer Refugees and Asylum seekers to Safety on Mainland

09 September 20

Joint statement of 31 NGOs regarding yesterday’s Moria refugee camp fire.

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Community and COVID-19

14 April 20

COVID-19 has shaken humanity to its core, laying bare our common vulnerability to common threats. But COVID-19 is not a leveler.

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Through no fault of their own

20 November 19

Displaced families struggling to access shelter, services, or support need to work twice as hard to weave together a network of supportive relationships.

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Inclusion in Education, from Salamanca to Cali—and Beyond

27 September 19

This September, we were invited to attend the International Forum on Inclusion and Equity in Education in Cali, Colombia.

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At Dinami, every day is International Youth Day

12 August 19

Today is International Youth Day… except at Dinami, where every day is Youth Day!

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Welcome to Baytna, Welcome to Our Home

28 July 19

Baytna, our innovative, adaptive, and scalable model for early childhood development programming.

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