Announcing our Ukraine Response Partners

We’re delighted to announce our eight partners who we will be working with to support refugees fleeing the violence in Ukraine.


Our partners are working across seven countries, including Ukraine, supporting refugees and internally displaced persons fleeing the violence. We’ll be supporting them through a comprehensive package of seed funding, capacity-strengthening, mentorship and tools to integrate vital psychosocial support in their programmes and services.


Amna’s approach to emergency response is to work with local organisations to create healing networks and structures that remain long after the cameras have gone. We train partners to establish healing spaces for children, families, youth or adults to deliver structured psychosocial support that support the wellbeing and emotional regulation of the communities that attend.


The impacts of the war in Ukraine will be felt for years in the minds and bodies of people but a rapid mental health intervention can prevent and even reverse the worst impacts. At Amna we set up trauma and identity informed healing spaces with trained facilitators that become islands of safety for refugees, enabling people to feel held by a supportive community and build resilience as they navigate the uncertain next steps of their lives.


For more information about each partner, please visit their websites below:


Step by Step Center for Education and Professional Development ROMANIA (SbS Center)


Step by Step Moldova/SBSM (Programul Educational Pas cu Pas)


Charity Fund Early Intervention Institute for Children with Developmental Delays and Disabilities (CF EII)


Psychosocial Innovation Network (PIN)


The Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (KRCT)


MSc Global Health – Disaster Medicine, School of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian, University of Athens


Foundation for Somalia Poland



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