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Our work began in a tent on the border of Greece and North Macedonia and is now growing globally. We deliver services that mitigate the impact of trauma and toxic stress. We focus on areas where we can make the most difference. Our play-based early childhood programme, Baytna supports whole family healing and our youth programme Dinami offers a safe space for young people. We also offer therapeutic support to men and women.

Now to scale our work, we’re partnering with community organisations around the world to offer trauma and identity informed psychosocial care to people affected by conflict and forced displacement. We invest in and train local organisations and connect them to a healing network that can support their practice


Our mission is to build community capacity for healing.

Our vision is refugees determining their futures, unbounded by the impacts of conflict and displacement.

Our Story

Amna began as Refugee Trauma Initiative (RTI).

In 2016 some 13,000 refugees were
stranded on the border of Greece and North Macedonia. It’s here that our work began. We set up a tent and started providing therapeutic group sessions for men, women and children who experienced violence, displacement and torture.

As refugees continued to arrive, we grew to meet the need of displaced communities in Greece. We worked in camps, community centres and provided individual support when it was necessary.

We worked with refugees and psychosocial experts to develop our current programming – light touch nonclinical community-based interventions that help make people who have experienced violence and forced displacement feel safe again.



The methodology of our programmes is evidence based and simple. We create safe and playful spaces where people can convene and heal as a community. Our aims is to provide care as early as possible to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma that can affect individual and communities for a long time.

After 6 years, we are providing this care through our healing network to refugees in nine countries across Europe and in Pakistan.


Since our inception in 2016, Amna has operated as Amna Charitable Fund, a restricted fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund (Reg. charity number 1099682).

In 2023, the Charity Commission registered Amna as a charity in England and Wales as “Amna Healing Network”.

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6 Years of Impact at Amna

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