Humanitarian wellbeing spaces

At Amna we know that self and team care are essential when providing emergency services and healing support with/for refugee communities. Amna works with organisations to support their teams wellbeing and self-care.


The purpose is to provide a safe, confidential, grounding reflective practice space for humanitarian workers where group members can express any difficult emotions and are introduced to practices to support their wellbeing and emotional regulation.





Who are the spaces for?


Professionals or volunteers working in the humanitarian sector.


How can I join?


We tailor support groups based on the needs of organisations. Please contact Devika at to find a suitable time and structure for your organisation.



Our work is at its best when we are at our best. The project has provided really useful guidance on how to safeguard the wellbeing of our team members, so that we can continue providing help to vulnerable people in an effective and sustainable way, for as long as it is needed.




Salam LADC Organisation