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Since the start of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, over 9.2 million people have crossed borders and fled to neighbouring countries and many more have been forced to move inside the country. The impacts of this war will be felt for years in the minds and bodies of people. Chronic, toxic stress and the breakdown of protective networks make refugees and displaced communities, particularly children, vulnerable to the impacts of trauma, poor health, economic and life outcomes. We’ve seen this happen before.


But the worst impacts of trauma can be prevented through a rapid psychosocial support intervention. Amna is committed to supporting frontline workers bring non-clinical mental health support to every child and family affected by conflict and displacement.  Amna sets up trauma and identity informed healing spaces with trained facilitators that become islands of safety for refugees, enabling people to feel held by a supportive community and build resilience as they navigate the uncertain next steps of their lives.


In response to the crisis in Ukraine, Amna is working in partnership with eight organisations in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo and Greece. Amna is now seeking to partner with up to six new organisations and offer a programme of training and capacity strengthening support, alongside seed funding, to help partners establish healing spaces for children, families, youth and adults. Amna will train partners to deliver structured psychosocial support that help the wellbeing and regulation of the communities that they support.

The Package

Amna partners become part of the Amna network, a global network of healing organisations working to mitigate the impacts of displacement through psychosocial support.

Successful partners receive seed funding and participate in an intensive training and mentorship programme to integrate psychosocial support within existing programmes and services.

Amna training can take place online or in person depending on the logistics and the needs of each partner. Amna training explores the following themes:

  • Exploring and creating safer spaces
  • Values-based practice
  • Understanding trauma and trauma-sensitive practice
  • Self and organisational care
  • Identity-informed practice
  • Collective-healing practices

The initial training is followed by monthly capacity-strengthening support for a period of five months as well as further support for Senior Leaders and Managers.

By joining the Amna network partners also become part of a community that can provide peer support, peer learning and opportunities for collaboration.

Current Open Calls

Amna is currently inviting applications from community organisations supporting refugees and displaced communities from Ukraine.

Find out if your organisation is eligible and apply here:

  • Are you a registered non-governmental/community organisation?
  • Does your organisation have a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion including refugee leadership?
  • Does your organisation have comprehensive safeguarding policies and procedures in place?
  • Are you working with or do you plan to work with refugees and other displaced communities from Ukraine?
  • Do you have experience working with young children, families and/or youth?
  • Are you committed to continuing to model Amna values and services beyond the funding period?


This call shall remain open until the 5 September 2022, 12:00pm (noon) BST. Applications may be submitted at any time and will be evaluated in a sequential manner and decided on a rolling basis.

Application process

These are the steps each applicant must take to become an Amna partner. Click each step to find out more.

Step 1 – Eligibility check

To apply for our open calls you must first pass our eligibility check.
Please click below to begin answering the 4 step eligibility questionnaire.

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