Call for Partners – Ukraine

Amna, founded in 2016, is committed to supporting frontline workers bring non-clinical mental health support to every child and family affected by conflict and displacement. 


A tragedy is unfolding in Ukraine and over half a million refugees have already fled to neighbouring countries. The impacts of this war will be felt for years in the minds and bodies of people. Chronic, toxic stress and the breakdown of protective networks make refugees, particularly children, vulnerable to the impacts of trauma, poor health, economic and life outcomes. We’ve seen this happen before. 


But the worst impacts of trauma can be prevented and even reversed through a rapid psychosocial support intervention. At Amna we set up trauma and identity informed healing spaces with trained facilitators that become islands of safety for refugees, enabling people to feel held by a supportive community and build resilience as they navigate the uncertain next steps of their lives.


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Our approach to emergency response is to work with local organisations to create healing networks and structures that remain long after the cameras have gone. We know that this approach works. We’ve been doing it for years in Greece and more recently, in response to the crisis in Afghanistan, with partners in Albania, Italy, Kosovo and Pakistan.




Taking part in the Amna training was an enriching experience. This was a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left me inspired; feeling much more influential with many actionable take-aways I can apply immediately. All of the trainers were excellent, extremely professional and knowledgeable, and created positive learning environments. I am looking forward to the next one.




Afghanistan Response Partner




Amna is building a network of organisations who are responding to meet the needs of recently displaced communities from Ukraine. Amna invites relevant Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to submit an expression of interest to partner with Amna and receive seed funding and capacity-building to set up community hubs to support psychological wellbeing for children, families, youth and adults. 


We invite grassroots, community-based organisations with experience of working with young children, youth and their families who are already engaging with or who are mobilising to work with displaced Ukrainian communities.



What we offer


We train partners to establish healing spaces for children, families, youth or adults to deliver structured psychosocial support that help the wellbeing and regulation of the communities that attend. 


Where relevant, we will work alongside your team to either set up and launch your new service or incorporate these new practices into your existing service. 


Following the first month, Amna will continue to support your team for five additional months with:


Monthly capacity building call for managers and facilitators.


Alongside funding support, Amna will provide virtual or in person training and capacity building, followed by 5 months of remote capacity building. 


In the phase of training (in country where possible or online) with chosen partners, Amna will:


Meet the team and conduct an assessment (with team and with relevant community, as appropriate).


Training themes can be found here.




Our funding will be a contribution to already existing services. We will consider grants up to 25,000 EUR.


To be eligible, applications must meet the following conditions: 


  1. Work with or plan to imminently work with Ukrainian refugees, IDPs and other displaced communities.  

  2. Have some experience of working with young children, their families or youth. 

  3. Commitment to sustain the service or model beyond the funding period. 

  4. Applicants must be registered NGOs or established legal entities.  

  5. We invite applications from Ukraine and other European countries for this call.


How to Apply


To be considered, please provide an Expression of Interest containing the following information:


1. Details of organisation  


  • Name of organisation 

  • Address including country(s) of operation 

  • Website and contact details 

  • Details of contact staff for application (with email and contact number) 

  • Brief description of organisational history, current mission and operations, target groups, current size of staff team and location of operations (no more than 200 words) 

  • List of current partners (funding and/or implementing partners) 

  • Annual organisational budget 

  • Grant amount requested from Amna


2. Expression of interest


2.1 Why is your organisation interested in partnering with Amna to provide psychosocial support to Ukrainian refugees, IDPs and other communities displaced from Ukraine? (maximum of 200 words) 


2.2  Please also describe:  

  • How training and capacity building in trauma sensitive and identity informed approaches for Ukrainian refugees, IDPs and other displaced communities will be integrated into your ongoing programmes? (maximum of 200 words) 

  • How the budget applied for will be used to support the above. (narrative – maximum 100 words) 

  • Please provide a budget including e.g. materials, salaries, volunteer stipends. Admin costs should be no more than 10% of the total budget. 

  • Anticipated numbers of people to be reached through your interventions. Please specify, if known, approximate numbers of children five years and under, parents and caregivers and/or young people or other community members. 

  • Anticipated outcomes (maximum 100 words). 


3. Timeframe and sustainability 


Over what timeframe do you anticipate being able to sustain psychosocial activities developed through the partnership with Amna following the end of the 6 month grant period? (maximum 50 words) 

What capacity do you have to match funds? (maximum 50 words) 



Submission of applications


This call shall remain open until the 28th March 2022, 12:00pm (noon) BST. Applications may be submitted at any time and will be evaluated in a sequential manner and decided on a rolling basis.  


Submission of applications is made via email. Applicants must submit an expression of interest including a budget and submit it to the following address: 





Subject line: Call for partners – Ukraine 


Only complete applications will be considered for evaluation and selection purposes. 

Application Process


If successful at the Expression of Interest stage, applicants will need to complete a Project Proposal and Due Diligence document before they are able to receive funds. Applicants should only consider applying if they are able to meet the above eligibility criteria and the following due diligence requirements. Please click here to view the minimum requirement.


Please check this page regularly for updates and to find information on next stages for the application.