Training Themes

Creating Safer Spaces through Community Healing Practices


Purpose: Exploring what is a safer space? What do we mean by ‘Collective Healing’? 



Introduction to Values – Based Practice


Purpose: To introduce values-based practice that support the creation of safer spaces and promote trauma-sensitive and identity-informed service design and delivery.



Understanding Trauma & Introduction to Trauma-Sensitive Practice


Purpose: Introduction to theory about neuroplasticity, toxic stress, trauma and its impacts on the brain, body and spirit. Develop practices that can support trauma sensitive work.



Self & Organisational Care


Reflect on personal and organisational practices to support team wellbeing and which improve service delivery.



Introduction to Identity Informed Practice 


Purpose: Introduce tools for to support practitioner and organisational  identity informed practice. Reflect on power dynamics that exist within humanitarian work.



Introduction to Collective Healing Practices


Purpose: In introduction to various collective healing practices including rituals, movement, music, storytelling and arts activities that support psychosocial wellbeing.