Resources for Children and Families

Dear families,

As you likely already know, a healthy bond and relationship between you and your children is one of the most important factors in their development — even more important than the environment you live in.

We have developed some activities to help you and your children build your bond, and to support your child’s development and growth.
We hope you enjoy them together.

The Amna team

Activity Guides

Amna’s activity guides are audio and pdf resources to promote connection, development and wellbeing for children and their caregivers.

Collective Healing for Young Children

Amna’s early childhood collective healing spaces are designed to provide a place of respite, understanding and belonging for children and families who have experienced extreme events such as conflict, violence, or natural disasters. 

This Collective Healing guide shares good practice principles when setting up psychosocial services in emergency settings. It is not a manual but rather a set of good practice principles to help inform planning and delivery. Click on the image below to access the guide.


Storytelling Activities

Did you know that simply telling and listening to a story has been proven to improve a child’s focus, as well as developing their creativity and freedom of expression? Many of the stories we read are about resilience, and how characters overcome challenges. These stories can help children to understand that it is normal to feel scared or sad, and that real success is about facing challenges rather than never coming across one.

Click the photo below to watch the videos.

Movement with Marianna