Storytelling Activities for Children

The Koala Who Could

In this video we meet Kevin the Koala who did not want to change anything in his life. But when things suddenly did change, Kevin discovered that change can lead to unexpected happy surprises. Watch to find out more about Kevin’s new adventures!


Ruby’s Worry 

In this storybook, Vassiliki walks us through the story of Ruby, a little girl who loved to be playful and explore — until one day she met a worry!

We will learn together how Ruby dealt with her worry, and how we can deal with ours!


Yomo’s Dream

Yomo had what most of us do: a dream. And Yomo knew what to do to get to his dream: never despair.

A story from Ghana about a boy who made his dream come true.


The Mouse King

In this story, told to us by Vasileia from Athens Comic Library, the king of all the mice is looking for the greatest thing in the world to be his daughter’s husband. Through his journey, he discovers the strength we all have inside of us.


The Hat Seller

In this video, Vasileia tells us the story of a hat vendor whose business is interrupted by some mischievous monkeys, and of his clever tricks to resume his day!

Get comfy and enjoy watching!



In the forest, a fruit falls in a lake… and panic ensues. Yes, from a single fruit.

Come listen to a story about asking the right questions!